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Creating a business culture is a team effort; maintaining a work environment full of motivation, growth, values and learning for the team is our goal.

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Our goals

  • Offer job and professional growth opportunities for our collaborators.
  • Promote constant learning in our work team, encouraging continuous improvement.
  • Encourage motivation and teamwork that allows the excellent performance of employees while maintaining assertive communication within a harmonious work environment.

Three pillars that shape us

Our core values guide everything we do as a company and as people. We strive to bring out the best in each other, bring success to our clients, and inspire the entire industry through our actions.


    Our foundation for everything we do and the
    essence for each of our processes.


    Commitment to common goals based on open and honest communication that shows mutual interest and support


    We challenge existing practices, striving to find ways to continually improve.

    Know our areas

    We have different technological areas, where you can grow.

    Software Development


    Quality Assurance

    Data Base

    Project Management


    IT Infrastructure


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    • +5 years of experience.

    • Java 11/17.

    • Reactive Programming.

    • Azure DevOps,

    • Kubernetes, Docker, and cloud technologies.

    • Spring Boot, Spring framework, StreamAPI.

    • English is a requirement.

    • Remote.

      To apply send your CV to our mailbox

    • Angular.
    • NodeJS.
    • Java.
    • Dockers.
    • Spring boot.
    • Hybrid.


      To apply send your CV to our mailbox

    • Java.
    • Dockers.
    • Spring boot.
    • PostgreSQL.
    • Hybrid.

    To apply send your CV to our mailbox

    Our team, our essence

    What our team says.

    It has been a great experience working at CGTS, I really like the work team and what we have achieved with the development of several important projects on a personal and professional level.

    Carlos Blanco

    Software Developer Lead

    I feel motivated and committed to this new experience. At CGTS I have learned, grown personally and professionally, as well as enjoying each stage that involves overcoming challenges and raising the bar.

    Andrew Fuentes

    Database Administrator

    I am happy to expand my knowledge every day, we have a great work environment with a talented and pleasant team, inspiring me to be better every day

    Katherine Guiñan

    Project Controller

    I have been a documentation leader for 4 years, it has been an enriching experience that has allowed me to develop my potential, but also to continue growing, in addition to having a great work team with which we have overcome challenges and achieved success.

    Mildred Noguera

    Documentation Leader

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