Electoral Solutions

We have the possibility to provide a series of specialized services in the electoral sector because we have the expertise as well as solutions and services that assess and support the processes involved in events of this type.

End-to-End experience


Pre - Electoral

The Pre-Election stage involves activities from day zero (0) of the electoral calendar to the event´s day, all of them with the aim of preparing and laying the groundwork for the day of the electoral day.



The Electoral stage is framed during the occurrence of the electoral day, from the beginning of the activities in the voting centers until the closing process of the day.


Post - Electoral

With the counting process, and the withdrawal of equipment, the post-election stage begins, where the electoral results converge and are consolidated. In parallel, the closing processes of the electoral Schedule begin.



Total Vote Suite is a technological solution to register, transmit and total the results of electoral processes inherent to companies, industries, cooperatives, locations or countries.

Electoral Audit

Electoral Audits involve the review and verification of different aspects within an Election, depending on the type of event and its nature, they may have ramifications at the scope level, however, in general, they involve observation and review in the following stages: Pre-Election, Election and Post-Election.

Electoral Consultancy

We have the experience to support the Entities in charge of the planning, design, control and execution of the Electoral Processes, thus allowing us to optimize the management of the events, and consequently the decision-making of those involved with reliable and accurate information.

Each election is unique!

At CGTS CORP we understand that each electoral process is unique, that is why we provide services and products that fit together and add value to our clients.

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Electronic voting: an overview.

Technology upgrades in elections are always challenging projects that require careful deliberation and planning. Introducing electronic voting (also called e-voting) is probably the most difficult upgrade as this technology touches the core of the entire electoral...