Electoral Audit

We have the possibility to provide a series of specialized services in the electoral sector because we have the expertise as well as solutions and services that assess and support the processes involved in events of this type.

360° review

Schedule and Plans

Verification of the work plans and schedules of events and electoral days in terms of their structure of work packages, scope and considerations in the timeline for the execution of the Election.

Electoral Roll

Review of the process of consolidation and/or assembly of the electoral census/roll, in order to verify that there are no records of citizens not authorized to vote; deceased, minors, disqualified, others, all based on the data available for verification.


Elections Materials and Documents

Verification of the printing process of the electoral material; master files, printers, protection and exchange of information, forms and assembly of bags / suitcases of the material prior to dispatch.

Functional and Operational Flows

Validation of the fulfillment of the functionalities in the solutions, such as; identification of citizens, transmission, digitization, transcription, counting,  dissemination of results, supported by controlled tests on the target platforms.

Electoral Data Processing

Review of the estimated plan for the protection and treatment of electoral data, from its collection, storage, segmentation if applicable, and use in solutions for data transmission.


Security Evaluation

Determine the security level of software solutions through the execution of specialized tests; penetration tests, web Audit.

Technical Evaluation

Observation of planned technical tests; integration tests, mock election, in relation to its scope, performance and collection of findings on its operation.

Election Day

Observation of the performance of the electoral day, from the operative, functional and technical point of view.


Verification of the seat allocation rules on the processed data.

We can audit each hace of an Electoral Process.

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