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Tech Talk

The Tech talk are performed by our group of specialized professionals are designed to transmit knowledge to the staff of work involved, so the can receive the transmissions of knowledge, this will allow wider in their knowledge indifferent áreas, the tech talk in two modes, in practice whic refers to small conferences live and online b the help of multimedia tolos to transmit the knowledge to everyone involved that have been they move from their posts.
We have initially made tech talk organizational, technical and methodological issues among these we can mention “Emotional intelligence in IT projects” “Anti-patterns SQL”, “IONIC 2” and “BPM” in context of our Tech talk.
The impact of this activity has been very positive and of great importance for the organization, since this allows that will strengthen, the organizational culture which is of great importance for every Company. According to shein (1988) organizational culture allows the internal integration processes establish ment of adaptation of the organization to work as a social system promoting a pleasan working climate of work where everyone can share their knowledge.
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