Process Management

For the processes of quality management CGTS Corp has trained staff with the Babok methodology (A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge), as a methodology for the analysis of business, supported at the same time with agile methodologies like Scrum, in order to evaluate, analyze and automate processes to our clients.


Outsourcing services are offered to our customers as strategic tools that can define and identify those technological services that add value to the business providing them with a greater participation in their industry, and promoting alignment of the IT with the needs of the business originating these become more efficient in the market by increasing the level of competitiveness and generating new business opportunities to national and international level.


• Increase productivity in an internal team.
• Maintenance, updating of tools and technical support.
• Transfer of operational activities.
• Quality guarantee.
• Quick access to cutting-edge technology.
• Flexibility to grow.


Transformed into a service, we absorb a task of the IT area and make easy to you control it through management indicators, getting rid of the operational responsibility.


• Contracting of services for specific functions.
• Investments are significantly lower.
• Reduction of cost to our customers for the borrowed services and functions

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