Managed Security Services (SAS)

In the hands of the professionals of our company, remain the activities of administering, monitoring, checking, responding to incidents, and meet the requirements or problems that arise daily. Also we provid the services of dimensioning, architectural design, and action plans for compliance of new requirements request from the organization it area.

These managed services are provided in two forms: as local devices and personal CGTS Corp, in the client's site, or remotely, using the facilities and advantages of our Company.

The benefits more visible from using CGTS Corp's managed services include:

• Increase in IT's operational efficiency, aligning it naturally to the objetives of the organization, given the operational knowledge and situational Company business.
• Containment of important cost, derived from direct andindirect savings with a payback in short term.
• Assurance of continuity in the business, whit proactive risk mitigation, elimination of vulnerability according remediation plans.
• Compliance with regulatory requirements, laws or policies which govern the organization.
• Orderly growth of IT infrastructure according to business requirements.

The security services offered by our company are made by:

• Administration and monitoring of IT infrastructure.
• Administration and monitoring of voice and data network.
• Administration and monitoring of security controls logical and physical.
• Analysis and risk management.
• Security evaluation.
• Monitoring and correlation of security events.
• Response and recovery to security incidents.
• Computer Audit.

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