Global PBX

Global PBX is a PBX VoIP, That implements its functionality on Asterisk which provides the functions of a PBX. The telephone Exchange run over a free software Linux (CentOS5.9) server.

The main features and capabilities are:

• Management through a Web interface.
• Call recording via Web interface.
• Voicemail with support for e-mail notifications.
• Routing and management of incoming calls.
• Routing and management of internal calls.
• IVR (Interactive Voice Response) for easy setup and flexibility.
• Responses conditioned to pre-established time conditions. Automatic voice announcements
• Support for voice synthesis.
• Tool to create lots of extensions which facilitates new installations.
• Provisional phones via the Web. This allows you to installlarge number of phones in a very short time.
• Groups of Peal and different Peal policies for groups created.
• Support for Video-Telephone.
• Detection of telephony hardware interface.
• DHCP server for dynamic allocation of IPs to IP phones. Operator panel. From where the operator can see all phone activity graphically and perform simple actions drag-n-drop as transfers, Park calls, etc.

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