Global Contact Center

The Global Contact Center helps your organization lever age historical data to provide a service fluid and suitable to all its customers by establishing communication through multimedia channels so easily your Company provided personalized service to each client according to their specific needs.

This Solution uses SIP to provided maximun flexibility. There sult, a contact center that offers its customers a unified, efficient and highly customized experience consistently, GCC is a distribution of contact cente, base don Assterisk and Elastix, which provides a number of the atures completely new, among them included:

• Reduction of the times of launching of the operation of the contact center.
• Reducing the costs of implementation and operation. Freesoftware-based solution.
• Increased availability and scalability. It inherits stability and flexibility provided by Linux Enterprise-class infrastructure.
• Innovative capabilities and with the support of a global community.
• Translates into increased revenues and the satisfaction ofthe end user.

It works with the following functionalities:

• Sending SMS messages in mass.
• Incident management through social networks.
• Instant Messaging via the XMPP protocol.
• Traditional attention by voice. Automated surveys and campaigns.
• Integration with platforms for the self-management mechanisms provide.
• Global Contact Center deployments can handle more tan 500 agents simultaneously connected to process a total of 50 thousand calls per day. Exposed to higher Requeriments, cluster arquitectures faces up with new processing needs. Both horizontal and vertical scalability enables adaptation to new levels of processing required.

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