Electoral Process Audit

CGTS CORP Inc has specialized staff to carry out audit processes through the application of specialized scientific and analytical techniques to technological infrastructures in order to identify, preserve, analyze and present valid data within a review process.

In particular, the electoral audit processes are aimed at investigating whether an election was made correctly, if the voting team counted the votes accurately, if there was only participation of qualified voters to cast votes in the elections, among others, to consequently ensure that an efficient, transparent and fair process has been carried out.

Within the stages defined for this type of process, CGTS relies on good practices and recommendations to define its framework, considering activities from pre-electoral, electoral and post-electoral moments, some of which are:
• Audit in the voter registration process.
• Audit in the production of voting machines.
• Software audit for the electoral process, including transmission components, transcription, verification, totalization, publication.
• Audit prior to distribution of voting machines.
• Technology infrastructure audit.
• Audit of the data transmission network.
• Security audit on equipment and software used.
• Audit of controls in the chain of custody of the equipment.
• Audit of materials and ballots.
• Performance audit of the equipment / incidents reported.
• Audit of printed vouchers.
• Audit of registered and counted votes (Results).
• Audit of post events equipment and machines.

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