Business Intelligence

Excellence in management requires information systems that facilitate the analysis Of the Organization through modelling and data analysis. CGTS Corp. Provides assistance to our customers on their way towards excellence though the implementation of such solutions of business intelligence, which are implemented through DataMart’s, data warehouse and reporting operational and analytical models.

For the effective development of business intelligence, we provide the following services:

Design of customized solutions: Which is based on the experience and the quality of our professionals, We develop for you several strategies in order to increase your ability to predict the behavior of your business.

Tech support: Data modelling oriented to provide a complete view, supporting analysis and Process management needs.

Analysis model: Transforming data into knowledge, offering skills in terms of agile methodologies that will help to the decision making.

Data integration: Evaluation and analysis of processes that allow the feeding of data defined by the Solution through the extraction of data, models as well as the Quality of data, transformation and loading (ETL) application.

Query and reporting: Allows the user to generate strategic reports on the evolution of activities through business dimensions.

OLAP: Analysis of multidimensional information with intensive calculation skills that allow a business vision.

Real time: Analysis of operational processes, based onevents and activities of the business, to make decisions in real time.

Datamining: Analytical techniques and statistics applied to large volumes of data in order to get patterns of behavior with a specific business goal.

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