Biometric Solutions

Biometric solutions, have very reliable security mechanisms, which can be used to protect information, in this sense, the biometric technology is very promising, when it comes to protecting sensitive information and thus safeguard the information of a company, if each company used biometric safe, several inconveniences would be avoided. In a world in creasingly more populated and globalized, the need is much more complex. Studies have shown that it is posible to identify a person with a high degree of precision through the use of some anatomical features or a trait of his behavior. Science has called this discipline: biometrics. Currently the biometric technology has evolved enough tobe distributed on a massive scale.

Currently there are biometric systems that based its action in the recognition of different characteristics. The best known biometric techniques are nine and are based on the following biometric indicators:

• Face.
• Facial Thermogram
• Fingerprints
• Hand Geometry
• Veins of the hands
• Iris
• The retina patterns
• Voice
• Signature.

Each of the previous techniques has advantages and comparative disadvantages, which must be taken into consideration when deciding which technique used for specific application. In particular they should consider the differences between anatomical methods and behavior ones. A fingerprint except physical damage, is the same every day, as opposed to a signature that can be influenced by controllable factors or nor intentional psychological factors.

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